Now Available: ‘A Place for the Unwilling’

The narrative game I contributed writing to a couple of years ago is now available to purchase in Steam! A Place for the Unwilling is a gorgeous game with a vintage feeling, and featuring the work of some of the most awesome weird fiction writers working in Spain now (and me!). It has been compared … Continue reading Now Available: ‘A Place for the Unwilling’

Double British Fantasy Award Nomination

I am delighted to report that Lost Objects has been nominated to a British Fantasy Award for best collection, and that I myself am nominated as Best Newcomer! This nomination adds to my joy in having seen 'Kingfisher' nominated to a British Science Fiction Award earlier this year. In both occasions, I have shared a … Continue reading Double British Fantasy Award Nomination

Announcing my two book deal with Titan Books

I am beyond ecstatic! The ARC copies of my first book with Titan have arrived, and they are beyond beautiful! It wasn't so long ago that it was announced in The Bookseller that I have sold my two novels to Titan. I started writing The Golden Key in 2014, and The Swimmers is my PhD … Continue reading Announcing my two book deal with Titan Books

‘Orange Dogs’ in Somerset House

I have always been very interested in the intersections between writing and other art forms, and therefore was really happy when Justin Brice Guariglia contacted me to be part of his new installation in Somerset House, Reduce Speed Now!. It features quotes and fragments from a bunch of really awesome people, like Timothy Norton, Zadie … Continue reading ‘Orange Dogs’ in Somerset House