Marian Womack

15416986_1172882359483168_382652008_nHello! I’m Marian Womack, author, translator and co-editor of Ediciones Nevsky/NevskyBooks, a small press specialising in European & Spanish slipstream in translation based in Spain and the UK. I was born in beautiful Andalusia, and spent my formative years in Glasgow and Oxford, where I attended university. I graduated from the Clarion Writers Workshop in 2014, and have just completed the Creative Writing Master degree at the University of Cambridge. As an author, my interests lie within the gothic genre, new weird, and genre-bending narratives, in particular to explore nature writing and ecological dystopia. My current doctoral work examines the connections between Gothic sensibility and climate-change fiction.

In my work as an editor, I am proud to have overseen the Spanish publication of some wonderful European female authors of speculative fiction, such as Anna Starobinets, Nina Allan, Sofía Rhei or Karin Tidbeck.

You can follow me in twitter @beekeepermadrid.

You can read an interview about my writing in Weird Fiction Review.

Some lovely things people have kindly said:

On “Black Isle”: “[T]his story echoes  the most beautiful traditions of British language writing.” Strange Horizons

On “Frozen Planet”: “A dark, cold setting, with mirage and vision become indistinguishable. Descriptions are vivid, the ubiquitous snow displaying more colors than Lawrence had thought possible.” Locus Magazine

On “Orange Dogs”: “[F]illed with evocative passages.” Gary Fry. “The best stories take innovative risks and have better payoffs… The eponymous “Orange Dogs” in Marian Womack’s tale are carnivorous butterflies, born in a future of floods and climate change.” Publishers Weekly



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  • I’ve recently contributed several translations (SPA>ENG) to The Big Book of Science Fiction (Vintage, June 2016), edited by Jeff and Ann VanderMeer #translation
  • “Orange Dogs” (Weird Fiction Review, 2015) has been reprinted in Year’s Best Weird Fiction (vol.3) (Undertow, 2016), edited by Simon Strantzas and Michael Kelly #climatechange #shortfiction #weirdfiction
  • I have contributed two essays in Spanish on Stalker and The invasion of the Body Snatchers to 100 Películas imprescindibles de ciencia ficción (Jot Down Books, 2015) #non-fiction #SF #Film&Lit