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Marian Womack was born in Andalusia and educated in the UK. She is a graduate of the San Diego Clarion Writers’ Workshop, and she holds degrees from Glasgow, Oxford and Cambridge universities. Her writing is concerned with nature and it features strange landscapes, ghostly encounters, and uncanny transformations through a variety of genres – speculative fiction, ecofiction, and fiction of the Anthropocene.

Marian’s debut short story collection in English, Lost Objects (Luna Press, 2018), was shortlisted for two BSFA awards and one BSF award. Her novel The Golden Key (Titan Books, 2020) is an uncanny tale of liminal spaces and environments tainted by human interaction. The novella The Swimmers (Titan Books, 2021) is a response to Wide Sargasso Sea set in a near-future Andalusia. She has also published one novel in Spanish, Memoria de la Nieve (Memory of the Snow, 2011), and has co-edited with Gary Budden the international ecofiction anthology An Invite to Eternity: Tales of Nature Disrupted (2019).

Marian’s writing appears in a number of international anthologies and magazines, has formed part of an installation for Earth Day 2019 in Somerset House alongside work by Timothy Morton, Greta Thunberg, and Zadie Smith, and has been translated into Italian. She has been commissioned fiction pieces for the Norwegian Writers’ Climate Campaign. A trained eco-educator, she holds a PhD in creative writing and ecopoetics, and teaches on the Oxford University writing programme. She is co-editor at Calque Press, and is represented by Alexander Cochran at the C&W Agency.


“An intriguing and illuminating first collection, chockfull of interesting ideas about the natural world and ourselves.” Jeff VanderMeer

“Addresses humankind’s senseless despoliation of its home in subtle, profoundly affecting ways.” Los Angeles Review of Books

“Fiction that blends a fantastic sense of place with a haunting glimpse of the near future; it’s work that’s difficult to shake–which is the point.” Vol. 1 Brooklyn


“Graceful, moving, confident and intricate, like slipping into a warm bath and finding secret thorns there to pierce the heart.” Catherynne Valente, Locus Award-winning author of Space Opera and Deathless

The Golden Key mesmerises, offers a door to another world – one which casts an uncanny light on our own self-destruction.’ Katherine Stansfield, author of Falling Creatures


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