Announcing my two book deal with Titan Books

I am beyond ecstatic! The ARC copies of my first book with Titan have arrived, and they are beyond beautiful! It wasn’t so long ago that it was announced in The Bookseller that I have sold my two novels to Titan. I started writing The Golden Key in 2014, and The Swimmers is my PhD novel, so technically is not finished yet! They both deal with environmental issues, but in different settings: one follows the exploit of a female detective working in London 1901, and the other is a coming of age novel set in a near-future Andalusia ravaged by climate change, loosely inspired by Wide Sargasso Sea.

The Bookseller article reads:

‘Titan Books will publish the supernatural-themes debut novel by Cambridge University librarian and writer Marian Womack as a part of a two book deal.

The deal for world English rights was struck between Titan Books’ editor Sophie Robinson and Alexander Cochran at the C&W agency.

The books will be published as lead titles over two years. Starting with the February 2020 publication of The Golden Key, billed as a “gothic supernatural mystery in the vein of Sarah Waters” by the publisher, followed by the late 2021 publication of The Swimmers, “a near-future novella set in Andalusia”. Womack joins Titan Books’ expanding literary crossover and speculative fiction list, alongside authors such as Nina Allan, Helen Marshall, and M L Rio.’

I could not be happier. I am incredibly lucky in my editor, and in the wider editorial team at Titan. I could not wish a better way of sending these novels I have worked for years now into the world.

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