Double British Fantasy Award Nomination

I am delighted to report that Lost Objects has been nominated to a British Fantasy Award for best collection, and that I myself am nominated as Best Newcomer!

This nomination adds to my joy in having seen ‘Kingfisher’ nominated to a British Science Fiction Award earlier this year. In both occasions, I have shared a shortlist with writers I deeply admire, like Vince Haig, Ian McDonald, Nina Allan, or Priya Sharma; but this time the nomination is even more special, as I am shortlisted with two of my Clarion instructors, NK Jemisin and Catherine Valente!

I have only been writing in English for five years now, so this is a very touching recognition from a community I have joined less than a year and a half ago, and who have received me with open arms!

I have spoken elsewhere of the difficulties I would have to find recognition of any kind, much less an award nomination, from the Spanish Science Fiction Association if I was writing in my native tongue. It suffices to say that it would have never happened for me. But here I feel that readers and publishers understand my work; this is all a writer can hope for. I am incredibly humbled and grateful for this.

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