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Welcome to my page.

I am a bilingual writer, born by the Atlantic Ocean in a small Andalusian town, and educated in the UK. My writing is concerned with nature and it features strange landscapes, ghostly encounters, and uncanny transformations through a variety of genres – experimental and hybrid fiction, speculative fiction, gothic and ghostly fiction, and fiction of the Anthropocene.

I have published fiction, poetry and non-fiction in international anthologies and magazines. My debut short story collection, Lost Objects (Luna Press, 2018), was shortlisted for two BSFA awards and one BSF award. My new novel, The Swimmers (Titan Books, 2021) is a near-future fable set in a luscious gothic Andalusia after an environmental catastrophe. I have also published one gothic/environmental fiction mystery, The Golden Key (Titan Books, 2020). I am at present working on my third novel, The Uninvited, a speculative fiction/hybrid memoir about the stolen babies scandal in post-Franco Spain.

I am the first Spanish graduate of the San Diego Clarion Writers’ Workshop, and I have just finished my PhD in Creative Writing, focusing on the ways weird and gothic fiction portray environmental anxieties. I teach on the Oxford University writing postgraduate programme, where I focus on fantasy, near-future, and speculative fiction. I am the co-founder of a micro-press dedicated to translation, poetry, and nature writing. I am an enthusiastic collage and pamphlet maker, and I love wild swimming.


You can find me on Twitter and Instagram, or you can write to me at beekeeper@nevsky.es.

I am represented by Alexander Cochran at CW Agency.