Press kit

On Lost Objects (Luna Press, July 2018)

“An intriguing and illuminating first collection, chockfull of interesting ideas about the natural world and ourselves.”

– Jeff VanderMeer, NYT Bestselling author of The Southern Reach trilogy

“Luminous and disturbing as the unearthly things they describe, Marian Womack’s gorgeously written tales map the shifting boundaries between waking life and dream, past and future and our own profoundly unsettled present. Reading them left me with goosebumps, and the craving for more stories by this supremely gifted new writer.”

Liz Hand

“The earth is in trouble and Marian Womack knows it. She tells us that the end, and what comes after, will be very weird indeed. These stories, where birds drop from the sky and giant butterflies haunt the imagination, fizz with a unique and strange originality.”

Gary Budden

“Marian Womack weaves together the lyricism of Angela Carter, the mad imagination of China Miéville, and the earthiness of Robert Macfarlane. This book–an aviary of the strange, a vital evocation of wild and fleeting spirits–marks the emergence of a fantastic new talent.”

Helen Marshall, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Gifts for the One Who Comes After

“These short story gems dance at the edge of the world, finding poetry in loss and devastation. Marian Womack is an artist with a unique and powerfully-wrought vision.”

Una MacCormack




On “Orange Dogs”: “[F]illed with evocative passages.” Gary Fry. “The best stories take innovative risks and have better payoffs… The eponymous “Orange Dogs” in Marian Womack’s tale are carnivorous butterflies, born in a future of floods and climate change.” Publishers Weekly

On “Frozen Planet”: “A dark, cold setting, with mirage and vision become indistinguishable. Descriptions are vivid, the ubiquitous snow displaying more colors than Lawrence had thought possible.” Locus Magazine

On “Black Isle”: “[E]choes  the most beautiful traditions of British language writing.” Strange Horizons

On Memoria de la nieve:

“I am not ashamed to say that I cried reading this beautiful and delicate nouvelle, written with a sensibility that lies between the lysergic and the esoteric… Poetic, intimate, and strange…”, Sergio del Molino, bestselling author of The Violet Hour.

“Womack reads as a seasoned writer who has waited too long to meet her readers… A debut that doesn’t read like a debut.”, Patricia Esteban Erlés, bestseller author of Azul Ruso

“Reading Womack is a sensory experience.”, Care Santos, El Mundo, Cultural Review