Press kit



On “Orange Dogs”: “[F]illed with evocative passages.” Gary Fry. “The best stories take innovative risks and have better payoffs… The eponymous “Orange Dogs” in Marian Womack’s tale are carnivorous butterflies, born in a future of floods and climate change.” Publishers Weekly

On “Frozen Planet”: “A dark, cold setting, with mirage and vision become indistinguishable. Descriptions are vivid, the ubiquitous snow displaying more colors than Lawrence had thought possible.” Locus Magazine

On “Black Isle”: “[E]choes  the most beautiful traditions of British language writing.” Strange Horizons

On Memoria de la nieve:

“I am not ashamed to say that I cried reading this beautiful and delicate nouvelle, written with a sensibility that lies between the lysergic and the esoteric… Poetic, intimate, and strange…”, Sergio del Molino, bestselling author of The Violet Hour.

“Womack reads as a seasoned writer who has waited too long to meet her readers… A debut that doesn’t read like a debut.”, Patricia Esteban Erlés, bestseller author of Azul Ruso

“Reading Womack is a sensory experience.”, Care Santos, El Mundo, Cultural Review