Marian Womack is a postgraduate researcher at the Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy. She was born in Andalusia and was educated in the UK. She holds an MA (Hons) in English Literature and Film Studies (University of Glasgow), an MSt in European Literature (Oxford University), and an MSt in Creative Writing (Cambridge University). Marian’s main interest is the fiction of the Anthropocene, in particular its Gothic and weird aspects, narrativity, interactive narratives, memory and storytelling. She also writes and teaches about genre publishing.

A graduate of the Clarion Writers Workshop (2014), Marian writes in Spanish and English. In Spanish she has published the story-cycle Memoria de la nieve (Tropo Editores, 2011) and, together with Sofía Rhei, the YA novel Calle Andersen (La Galera, 2014), a Steampunk/Gothic continuation of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’. Her writing appears in more than 20 anthologies and magazines, including weird fiction mag Presencia Humana, Steampunk series Ácronos, and bilingual mag SuperSonic. She has also translated authors such as Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley, Lord Dunsany, Karin Tidbeck and Daphne du Maurier into Spanish.

In English, her fiction appears in Year’s Best Weird Fiction (Undertow, 2016), Barcelona Tales (NewCon Press, 2016), Spanish Women of Wonder (Palabaristas, 2016), EcoPunk! Speculative tales of radical futures (Ticonderoga, 2017), Apex, Weird Fiction Review and LossLit. Amongst other projects, she has contributed translations into English for The Apex Book of World SF (vol. 4) (ed. Mahvesh Murad), The Big Book of SF (ed. Ann & Jeff VanderMeer), and the forthcoming The Big Book of Fantasy (ed. Ann and Jeff VanderMeer). Her non-fiction has appeared in The Times Literary Supplement, the Science-Fiction and Fantasy Network, and she has written for videogames. She works as a librarian at Cambridge University, and can be found regularly writing articles or blogging about literature, film, storytelling and the weird.

Marian is co-founder of Ediciones Nevsky / Nevsky Books, a publishing project based in Madrid and East Anglia, which mostly publishes speculative fiction in Spanish and English translation. She was recently featured in Leer magazine’s list of influential under-40s in the Spanish publishing scene.

She tweets as @beekeepermadrid.