I have only been back living in the UK for little more than a year, and have not had the chance to participate in many English speaking events so far. I will be attending FantasyCon this October (2018), fulfilling a long-held dream. Below is my schedule for the weekend:


  • FantasyCon: Saturday 20th October > Launch of Lost Objects (2 pm, The Jubilee Room)
  • FantasyCon: Saturday 20th October > ‘Choosing a writing course’ (4 pm, Panel Room 4), ‘Putting the “Punk” in fiction’ (10 pm, Panel Room 2); Sunday 21st October > ‘Ghostly Happenings’ (11:30 am, Panel Room 4)


  • Reading from collection, Lost Objects, at the launch of the Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy in Cambridge. (25th February 2017)
  • Reading: ‘Orange Dogs’, Desperate Literature English Bookshop, Madrid (31st October 2016)
  • EuroCon (Barcelona, 2016): co-panelist: ‘How to promote European SF’ (6/11/16)
  • LonCon 3 (London, 2014): co-panelist: ‘Understanding Steampunk’ (14/08/14)