editorial work

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Marian has been connected to small press publishing and independent publishing since 2008, when she moved to Madrid and co-founded indie Ediciones Nevsky, a small publishing venture characterised by its innovative projects and design values. She worked full-time for the press until 2016. Marian’s role involved building and managing an English literature list, focused on previously untranslated female authors (Margaret Oliphant, Gladys Mitchell), or previously unpublished works by more established authors (Daphne du Maurier’s The Doll); building and managing the award-winning illustrated list; and developing the literary genre fiction collection. Marian brought to the press a great number of international female authors who are changing the face of the literary genre fiction worldwide, including Lisa Tuttle, Sofia Rhei, Anna Starobinets, Karin Tidbeck, Nina Allan, and Charlotte Cory. Parallel to this activity, she developed a career as a literary translator specialising in Gothic fiction.  

Marian still connected with small press publishing. She is the co-funder of small imprint, Calque Press, focusing on translation, poetry and nature. She has taught publishing in the MA ‘Taller de los Libros’, run by Barcelona’s and Madrid’s most prominent indie presses, and in the Publishing Strand of the English BA at Anglia Ruskin University. She consults indie presses in Spain and Latin America.