editorial work


I have been connected to small press publishing and independent publishing since 2008. On that year I started working for Ediciones Nevsky in Madrid, and I did so full-time until 2016. My time in Nevsky coincided with a period of expansion and growth, from a small press focusing on Russian translation into Spanish, into a middle-size publishing house. My role involved building and managing a list of English literature in Spanish translation. The selection, extremely female focused, included XIX female authors (Margaret Oliphant), female authors of the British Golden Age of detective fiction (Gladys Mitchell), or a previously unpublished short-story collection by Daphne du Maurier discovered in 2012, The Doll. Most of these books and authors had never been published in Spanish before. I am still connected with the press, helping out setting up in the UK a small imprint of their list in English translation.

During my time in Nevsky, I also built a children’s list, and commissioned the successful series Young Moriarty. I am particularly proud to have brought to the press a great number of international female authors who are changing the face of speculative fiction worldwide, including Lisa Tuttle, Anna Starobinets, Karin Tidbeck or Nina Allan. I felt very proud to be included in the literary magazine Leer‘s 2015 list of influential under-40s in Spanish publishing.

I am still connected to some editorial projects, both in Spain and in the UK. I like working with small presses, innovative projects, illustration and design.