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Narrative Theory (Interactive, labyrinthine, and unusual narratives Visual Narrative, Storytelling); Book History (20th C. Publishing Indie Presses Libraries as Publishers); Memory & Heritage (In cultural manifestations like film, climate-change fiction or Nature writing).


Beyond the Back Room: New perspectives on Carmen Martín Gaite (co-edited with Jennifer Wood. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010) ISBN: 9783039118274

Collection of essays interrogating the work of Spanish author Carmen Martin-Gaite in the light of fairy-tale and narrative theory, film and television studies, and the visual narration of collage-making.


Invited to read from forthcoming short-story collection, LOST OBJECTS (Edinburgh: Luna Press, 2018), on topics concerning nature writing, memory and heritage. GOTHIC NATURE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (Trinity College Dublin, Nov 2017) ANTHROPOCENE HERITAGE/CREATIVE WRITING

‘[N]ature has at last escaped from their discipline and their fetters’: ostranenie and the ecological sublime in contemporary fiction. Paper presented in WORLDCON: THE 75TH WORLD SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION-ACADEMIC TRACK (Helsinki, 9-13 Aug 2017) ANTHROPOCENE HERITAGE/NARRATIVITY

Indie Press Publishing Round-table, MÁSTER EN TEORÍA DE LA LITERATURA (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Jan 2017) BOOK HISTORY

‘Desmemoria’ and the problems of fiction. Paper presented in THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR HISTORY, MEMORY, REPRESENTATION (Cardiff University, 10 Feb 2008) MEMORY/NARRATIVE THEORY

Through a glass darkly: visions of Andalusia and the poetics of the sublime. Paper presented in ON THE TRAIL: VIAJEROS Y LITERATURA DE VIAJES (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 20 Sep 2007) NARRATIVE THEORY/BOOK HISTORY


Nostalgia and cultural value in the BL Crime Classics covers: A visual story. (Article) VISUAL NARRATIVE/HERITAGE/BOOK HISTORY


‘La invasión de los ultracuerpos’ and ‘Stalker’ (2 Book chapters), in CIENCIA FICCIÓN: CIEN PELÍCULAS IMPRESCINDIBLES (Sevilla: JotDown Books, 2015) ISBN: 9788494373304 VISUAL NARRATIVITY

‘The Snow Queen’: Re-writing Andersen as a parable of Spanish desmemoria (Book chapter), in BEYOND THE BACK ROOM (Peter Lang, 2010) ISBN: 9783039118274 MEMORY/STORYTELLING

Introduction to THE TOPLESS TOWER, A MODERN FAIRY-TALE, by Silvina Ocampo (London: Hesperus Press, 2010) ISBN: 9781843918554 STORYTELLING

Theatricality/Sexuality/Performance: identity construction in ‘Entre visillos’ and ‘Calle Mayor’, STUDIES IN HISPANIC CINEMAS, vol.3 #2, Sep 2007, pp. 109-122, Intellect Journals ISSN-1478-0488 VISUAL/TEXTUAL NARRATIVITY

A journey into the Labyrinth: intertextual readings in ‘Los amantes del Círculo Polar’, JOURNAL OF IBERIAN AND HISPANIC AMERICAN STUDIES, vol.10 #2, December 2004, pp. 205-212, Carfax Publishing, Taylor & Francis ISSN-1470-1 NARRATIVE THEORY