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My doctoral thesis explores the connections between the Gothic and the Weird at the emergence of this literary mode, including a look at how the evolution of the early publishing marketplace (late XIX century-early XX century) both propitiates the emergence of genres, but also commodifies them. I have published articles about storytelling and narrative theory, in particular labyrinthine and unusual narratives, but also fairy-tales, gothic and children’s writing. I teach on the Publishing Strand of the Anglia Ruskin English BA, where I concentrate on book history (20th C. publishing, independent and international publishing). Other ongoing interests are questions of memory and heritage.

Below are some of my academic and related publications:

    • Beyond the Back Room: New perspectives on Carmen Martín Gaite (co-edited with Jennifer Wood. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010) ISBN: 9783039118274

Collection of essays focusing on the author’s connection with Gothic fiction, crossovers        and children’s literature.

    • ‘La invasión de los ultracuerpos’: Ciencia Ficción: 100 Peliculas Imprescindibles (Sevilla: JotDown Books, 2015) ISBN: 9788494373304
    • ‘Stalker’: Ciencia Ficción: 100 Peliculas Imprescindibles (Sevilla: JotDown Books, 2015) ISBN: 9788494373304
    • ‘The Snow Queen’: Re-writing Andersen as a parable of Spanish desmemoria (Book chapter), in Beyond the Back Room: New perspectives on Carmen Martín Gaite (Peter Lang, 2010) ISBN: 9783039118274
    • Review: weird fiction ‘Challenger’: Science Fiction & Fantasy Network, Sep 9 2015
    • Spanish SF Round-up: Science Fiction & Fantasy Network, Jul 7 2015
    • Article, fantasy and science-fiction, ‘Meet the venco’: Tls-The times literary supplement, no. 5659, p.22
    • Book review, fantasy: ‘Black Arts: Enrique de Hériz The Manual of Darkness’, Tls-The times literary supplement, no. 5669, p.19
    • Review: ‘Spain’s great untranslated’, Tls-The times literary supplement, no. 5745, p.27
    • Book review, magic-realism: ‘El perfume del cardamomo‘: Tls-The times literary supplement, no. 5520, p.26
    • Book review: weird fiction, ‘Como una historia de terror’: Tls-The times literary supplement, no. 5558, p.51
    •  The Times Literary Supplement 
    • ‘Theatricality/Sexuality/Performance: identity construction in ‘Entre visillos’ and ‘Calle Mayor”: Studies in Hispanic cinemas, vol.3 #2, pp. 109-122, Intellect Journals ISSN-1478-0488
    • ‘A journey into the Labyrinth: intertextual readings in ‘Los amantes del Círculo Polar”: Journal of Iberian and Hispanic American Studies, vol.10 #2, pp. 205-212, Taylor & Francis ISSN-1470-1
    • Creative Strand: EcoFiction Reading: GOTHIC NATURE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (Trinity College Dublin, Nov 2017)
    • ‘[N]ature has at last escaped from their discipline and their fetters’: ostranenie and the ecological sublime in contemporary fiction. Paper presented: WORLD-CON: THE 75TH WORLD SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION-ACADEMIC TRACK (Helsinki, 9-13 Aug 2017)
    • ”Desmemoria’ and the problems of fiction’. Paper presented: THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR HISTORY, MEMORY, REPRESENTATION (Cardiff University, 10 Feb 2008)
    • ‘A surreal fairytale’: The Topless Tower, by Silvina Ocampo (Hesperus Press, 2010) ISBN: 9781843918554
    • ‘Steam + Punk’: Retrofuturismos (Fabulas de Albión, 2015)
    • ‘Los albores del cuento Gótico’: Transformación y otros cuentos, by Mary Shelley (Madrid: Paginas de Espuma) ISBN: 9788483930632