Spanish SF&F Genre Round-up (2)

Los últimos, The Last Ones, Juan Carlos Márquez (Madrid, Salto de Página): You have already travelled there, by eteronef perhaps. You’ve met and fallen in love with Aelita. But you’ve never been to Mars like this. Márquez constructs a delicate novel with the bare essentials—domestic vistas, familiar settings—to portray a highly unusual end of the … More Spanish SF&F Genre Round-up (2)

Moder la Manzana · Halloween foreword

  Foreword to a #SpanishHorror anthology, reproduced with the editor’s permission. The book can be bought here. The foreword you can read below (in Spanish).     El lugar apestaba a flores… es decir, olía a muerte. Del relato Ánima Sola  Noviembre es un mes crepuscular, incierto, mágico. Por algo creen los ingleses que es el … More Moder la Manzana · Halloween foreword

article – Spanish Sci-Fi Roundup (I)

 Spanish SF & Genre Roundup Selection   Considering that Spanish literature has traditionally been dominated by realism, it is refreshing to see that the new releases sections in bookshops are more and more filled with books in the fantastic mode, horror writing or speculative fiction. The increasing numbers of books being published in these genres … More article – Spanish Sci-Fi Roundup (I)