short-fiction in english

Short story publications (including reprints):

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  • “The ravisher, the thief”, a post-apocalyptic story about religion and falconry set in Barcelona, in the anthology Barcelona Tales (NewCon Press, 2016), edited by Ian Whates.
  • “Orange Dogs”, Weird Fiction Review (October 2015). A climate change fiction/Gothic short story.
  • “Orange Dogs” was reprinted in Year’s Best Weird Fiction (vol. 3) (Undertow Press, October 2016), edited by Simon Strantzas and Michael Kelly.
  • “Pink Footed”, a humorous climate-change story set in a dystopian Norfolk, in SuperSonic Mag EuroCon special issue, edited by Cristina Jurado.
  • “Black Isle”, a climate change fiction/Gothic story set in Scotland, in Spanish Women of Wonder (Palabaristas, 2016)

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  • “Stones”, a steampunk story about the mining crisis under Tatcher, has been published in SuperSonic Mag #5 edited by Cristina Jurado.
  • “Frozen Planet”, Apex Mag Special International Issue #76 (September 2015). A Lovecraftian SF story.
  • “Black Isle”, reprinted in Supersonic Mag #1 (April 2015).
  • “In a glass, darkly”, The Best of Spanish Steampunk (March 2015). You can buy The Best of Spanish Steampunk in this link (€ 5,00). A Steampunk/Gothic short-story set in Cádiz, my hometown.