doble reseña – In Praise of Fairies


ENGLISH FAIRIES: New Facts: Every girl wants to believe in Fairies. Well, recently I’ve come across a bit of information which has made me very happy indeed (than you very much, UK’s daytime television!). The above picture is the seldom published “real” fairy pic of the Cottingley Fairies Hoax. Frances, one of the children, claimed later in life that this one picture was genuine, and his daughter has since confirmed it. Apparently, if you look to the right of the picture, a single head is visible next to the fairy in the foreground. She even appeared in BBC’s Antiques Road Show to speak about it. You can see that video here. The other, better known pictures, are below:



In January 2011, before this blog existed, I published the review of two Spanish fairy reinscription books, you can read the review here. The genre is alive and kicking in this shores: recently not one but two writer friends have confided me that they have fairy-tale reinscription projects on the go, both of microfictions. One of the has composed hundreds of micro-fairy-tales by now. You can read her in English here.


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