drinking with Dickens (in his bicentenary)

I guess it is fair to say that we are very partial in our home to Charles Dickens. When we moved here, I put together and co-translated one of the books I am most proud to be connected with, his complete ghost stories. It has run into a few editions since then. Our first son was born early this year, and we named him Oliver. We were looking for a name that can be spelled the same way in Spanish and English, it did not escape our friends here that it is a very Dickensian name. My husband started, and nearly completed, the challenge of reading the whole of Dickens within the year (he read everything except Great Expectations and Our Mutual Friend). This year we have also published a book to pay tribute to Charles Dickens.But basically what we wanted to do was to give a Dickensian party. We have wanted to do that for some time. So we have done so. With the excuse of launching the book, we had a little soirée at one of our favourite bookshops in Madrid.Our handbook for the party, Drinking with Dickens, is full of wonderful recipes. We made Negus and Dog’s Nose. In the process of preparing for the party, we found the blog of a guy who was trying all the recipes one by one. I sometimes look into it, just to see if he is still alive. Victorians were cast from a different mould.PS – Dog’s Nose is something very special. It is Guinness with Gin, with a little bit of nutmeg for the Christmassy feeling, or simply to be able to swallow it.

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